September 3, 2019

The meeting was called to order by President Kim at 7:00PM. 19 members were present.

PREVIOUS MINUTES:  Moved by Steve D. that the minutes of June 17th be accepted as published on the website and via email, seconded by Allan C. Carried.

CORRESPONDENCE: A thank you card from Delta Gymnastics and an email from Down Syndrome Research Foundation were circulated.


1.  President’s Address: President Kim started his second year by thanking all who helped with the kitchen at the various events over the summer: Canada Day, BB Air Show, a BBQ for Scott Walker (Realtor), the Sun Festival pancake breakfast and the Ladner Car Show. He mentioned the passing of Lion Terry, our former Lion Tamer,  the Grauer Park Playground grand opening and thanked Steve S. and Rick M. for organizing the food for the SCK. Donations over the summer were recognized to Victor Kind who attended a ‘boot camp’ for the Delta Community Music School, assisting Delta Gymnastics for their trip to Europe and providing funds for a special chair to the KinVillage. He advised the dropping of 3 members, John B., John G. and Bill V. bringing our total membership down to 33. He stated our focus this coming year would be on funding for local recipients.

2.  Financial Report: Moved by Harry S. that the treasurer’s report be accepted as published and circulated, seconded by Roger L. Carried.

3.  Committee Reports:

Streetside Community Kitchen - Steve S. reported that the Boundary Bay Airshow  brought in about $4,000, the BBQ for Scott Walker - $1,250, the Sun Festival Pancake    B’fast about $2,000, beer ticket sales at the Sun Festival brought in $1,500 and the Ladner Quilt Walk and Car Show - $2,000. 

Canada Day - Peter H. reported that Canada Day proved to be a great success with $5,600 in revenue, and a profit of about $2,400. He thanked all those who helped. 

Grauer Park - Allan C. reported on the successful opening of the playground in July and that there were 3 companies who were named on the plaque for their donations:  Northwest Landscape Supply, BC Brick Supply and South Fraser Concrete. He also noted that a ‘Shredding Event’ is to be held at the Raymond James parking lot at 5405   Ladner Trunk Road in Ladner on September 14th with proceeds going to the Delta Police Foundation for their youth initiatives.

Sunday Car Lot - Rick M. reported that we brought in about $5,000 over the summer. He then mentioned that the suggestion of having the flat rate of $15. per permit would   be brought up at the Board meeting. (currently the reduced rate of $10. is given to permit holders who return in successive weeks).

Community Donations Committee - Roger L. reported the following donations: Down Syndrome Resource Foundation - $2,500, 828 Hurricane Squadron - $500

Delta Life Skills Society - $2,500, Diabetes camperships - $2,500, Delta Community Music School - $500

4.  Canuck Place: Chris Davies has asked if we would consider a donation to Canuck Place as he and Jill had been invited to a presentation at the facility recently. Chris will ask a representative from Canuck Place to come to one of our meetings in the near future.

5.   Lion Tamer: It was moved by Don M. that Lion Lew Potts be nominated as the new Lion Tamer, seconded by Chris D.  As Lew has agreed to take on the role, the motion was carried. President Kim has put the motion to the Board to be ratified.       

6.  Lions Leadership Forum and MD19 Fall Convention: These two events are coming up on Sept. 19th and October 17th respectively. President Kim advised that anyone wishing to attend one of these events, would have their registration and hotel expenses covered.

7. Good and Welfare  of Members: President Kim has spoken to several spouses of recently deceased Lions to determine which charity to which we should donate in their memory. They are: Ken Langsford - Oncology Department at Delta Hospital, Jack McQueen - Delta Humane Society, Ken Marson - Delta Hospital Auxiliary (our default charity), Gerry Hintz - Canadian Diabetes, Walter Melnyk - Delta Hospital Auxiliary and Terry McBratney - Delta Hospice Society

8.  Round Table discussion: The ladies of the Club have volunteered to provide our meals from now on, beginning with the October 7th meeting. Roberta B. will take the lead in this venture and will be asking you to ensure you let her know if you will be eating. A reminder will go out with each Agenda prior to the meeting. Thank you ladies. A big cheque photo will be taken on the steps of Cammidge House at the October 7th meeting. 

 TERMINATION/ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was terminated at 7:50 PM


September 18  -  Beach Grove Elementary Welcome Back

September 19-21  -   Lions Leadership Forum, Spokane WA

October 17/19   -   MD19 2019 Convention, Wenatchee WA

December 7  -  OWL Open House

December 12  -  Pancake Breakfast at South Park School


UPDATED October 17, 2019