September 3, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 7:57 PM by President Kim C. with 10 members present.


Appointment of Lion Tamer: at the regular meeting it was moved by Don M. that Lion Lew Potts be nominated as the new Lion Tamer, seconded by Chris D.  As Lew has agreed to take on the role, the motion was carried. President Kim has put the motion to the Board to be ratified, seconded by Paul N., and carried  

Community Donations Committee: Motion by President Kim that we continue with our annual donation to the Tunnel Town Curling Club of $250. in support of their youth program, seconded by Allan C., and carried 

Committee chair Roger L. has proposed we support the ‘Come On In! Accessibility Sticker Campaign‘ that has been proposed by Monica Burrow (his son’s Mother-in-Law). This entails having local retailers affix a sticker near their entryways with phone numbers or a wireless door bell to assist persons with disabilities who cannot gain easy access to these establishments. We would be providing funds to help with the production of the stickers. Ms. Burrow will be attending the September 16th meeting to make the proposal to the membership.

Committee Annual Budget Review: President Kim reminded everyone that all committee chairs should plan their budget requests for the balance of the year, to be presented and discussed at the next Board meeting on October 7th.

Winter Car Lot Schedule: It was decided that the Sunday Car Lot would be closed from December 8, 2019 and reopen on January 12, 2020. Notices will be given to the Town Centre Mall (Shannon Taylor) and reminders will be posted on the Carlot Bus, the electronic sign at the mall, our website, facebook and given to permit holders. A discussion concerning the fee for the ‘Permit’ ensued, with a motion made by Paul N. to discontinue the practice of a reduced permit fee for returning permit holders, effective October 6th, and carried

President’s Absence: As President Kim will be out of the country for a few weeks, V.P. Allan C. has agreed to take the chair for the September 16th meeting.

The meeting was terminated at 8:30 


UPDATED October 17, 2019