September 16, 2019

The meeting was called to order by Vice President  Allan at 7:00PM. 17 members and one guest, Monica Burrow were present.

PREVIOUS MINUTES:  Moved by Steve D. that the minutes of September 3rd be accepted as published on the website and via email, (amended to delete a reference in item 4. Canuck Place, referring to their admin budget) seconded by Roger L. Carried.


GUEST SPEAKER - Monica Burrow presented a request for funding for her project called ‘Come On In!’ which basically involves the placement of a sticker to an entrance door or a front window of Delta businesses that do not provide automated access to their premises for people who require assistance. The proposed design of the sticker was circulated to the members. The sticker would have a space for businesses or store owners to print a phone number to call for entry assistance or the words ‘Ring Doorbell’ to gain access. Funding would cover the graphic design of the stickers and the sticker creation itself with an initial run of 1,000. The Lions logo would be incorporated into the design. Rick M. made a motion that the proposal be brought to the next Board meeting on October 7th,  seconded by David S. Carried. NOTE: A copy of her presentation is attached as a separate document.


1.  Financial Report: Moved by Steve D. that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted as published and circulated, seconded by Paul N. Carried.

2.  Lions Bio: Laura Clarke gave a very informative look at her history.

3.  Sunday Car Lot - Rick M. mentioned that the signs to advise carlot patrons that the rate will be $15. for each permit from October 6th onwards, are to be taped on the bus windows each week.  He also mentioned that our annual Christmas closure would start on December 8th with the lot reopening on January 12, 2020.  

4. Good and Welfare of Members: Both Murray and Don have picked up a bug and were not able to come to the meeting.

5.  Round Table: Steve D. advised that as he will not be at the meeting on October 7th, Rick M. has stepped up to be acting Secretary for that meeting.

TERMINATION/ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was terminated at 8:05 PM


-  September 18  -  Beach Grove Elementary Welcome Back

-  December 7  -  OWL Open House

-  December 12  -  Pancake Breakfast at South Park School


UPDATED October 17, 2019