Board of Directors Meeting Tsawwassen Boundary Bay Lions

May 21, 2019


The meeting was called to order at 8:15 PM by Lion President Kim C. with 7 members present.


1. Community Donations Committee: Chair Roger L. brought several requests to the Board:

- moved to donate $500 to 828 Hurricane Squadron Air Cadets accepted

- donation to Canadian Red Cross not supported (large admin costs) declined - moved to donate $2,500 to Diabetes Canada for campership accepted, but contingent on there being a South Delta participant

- motion to donate $1,000 to Delta Gymnastics (not from gaming account) ($250 X 4) approved

- motion to donate $2,000 to Down Syndrome Resource Foundation (Note: Golf Tournament cancelled due to death of firefighter but support still needed for South Delta children) accepted, but contingent on efficiency report of greater than 75%

- moved to donate$2,000 to Delta Life Skills Society (Note discussion regarding the benefit of the program for South Delta) approved

Climbing for kids - (discussion re Cancer foundations) and Easter Seals Campership - Camp Potlatch were deferred to next meeting

2. Spending Authorities - $500 Threshold: Previous Boards and the membership in general believed that the Board could pass motions to make donations up to a $500 threshold, without the approval of the membership. While no record of a motion to prove this could be found, it was felt that a motion to allow the Board approval of donations up to $500 without the general membership’s ratification, if time is of the essence, but any approvals must be reported at the next general meeting. A limit of 2 approvals per Board meeting would be observed. This will be brought to the membership for approval.

3. Donation Protocol: Donation protocols as addressed in the regular meeting (see minutes of May 21st) will be drafted and added to our By- Laws.

4. Committee Authorities: Spending authorities as drafted last fall are to be revisited each September to ensure that limits are still valid.

The meeting was terminated at 9:15

UPDATED May 28, 2019


UPDATED October 17, 2019