Tsawwassen Boundary Bay Lions

May 21, 2019

The meeting was called to order by Lion President Kim at 7:00PM. 17 members were present.

After the anthems, Pres. Kim asked for a moment’s silence to honour Walter Melnyk who passed away last Sunday. He then read out a short Bio on Walter’s 63 years of dedicated service to Lions.

PREVIOUS MINUTES: Moved by Lion Steve D. that the minutes of May 6th be accepted as published on the website and via email, seconded by Lion Ron. Carried.

CORRESPONDENCE: Invitation from the Air Cadet 828 Squadron to attend their Annual Ceremonial Review at the SDRC on June 2, 2019, was circulated


1. Financial Report: Pres. Kim amended the Grauer Park Reserve fund to indicate there should be $30,000 and moved that the treasurer’s report be accepted as amended and circulated, seconded by Lion Peter H. Carried. He reminded all members that our dues of $100.00 are to be paid prior to the end of June.

2. Motions to Donate: Pres. Kim outlined the process for motions to donate funds. Requests for donations from outside sources will be first vetted by the CDC. Vetting will include: verifying the legitimacy of the organization; does the request benefit the communities of Ladner/Tsawwassen or individuals in need; does the organization have a donation efficiency of >75% as defined on the Charity Intelligence website, and bring them to the Board for approval. Approved requests will then be brought forward to the next regular meeting for ratification by the membership, bearing in mind authorities and quorums (as per ByLaw 4.16). Any requests that are declined by the CDC and Board will be presented at the next regular meeting, with reasons for the decline.

2A. Community Donations Committee: Lion Roger advised that he would be bringing eight donation request to the Board meeting including the 828 Hurricane Air Cadet Squadron, Red Cross (will be declined), Diabetes Canada (campership), Delta Gymnastics, Down Syndrome Resource Foundation, Delta Life Skills, Climbing for Kids and BC Lions Society (campership).

3. District Governor Visit: Our new District Governor, Patty Allen, has confirmed she will visit us on January 20, 2020. We can assume that the Zone Chair, Malcolm Jones will visit on January 6, 2020.

4. Grauer Park: Lion Allan reported that he is hoping to have a work party on Friday, May 24th around 1 PM. Also he mentioned that he has been in contact with the incoming Rotary Club President to see if they would be interested in partnering with us on the lighting portion of the Park.

5. Canada Day: Lion Peter H. reported that he has received confirmation from Westshore Terminals and Vancouver Port Authority that they will donate $500. each as well as Mario’s Kitchen will donate $100. for letting them sell ice cream products from their trailer. Advertising (Optimist, reader board and Delta Cable 4) has been arranged.

6. Streetside Community Kitchen: Lion Steve S. reminded the members of the coming events over the rest of May (especially May Days, May 25/26) and through the summer and stressed the importance of everyone who can help to be sure to sign up. Lion Murray showed of our new 106,000 BTU grill that has been generously donated for our use. (great for hot dogs on Canada Day)

6A. North Delta Lions Request: A request of our assistance at Family Day in North Delta has been received from the Club to help them with setting up their parade on June 23rd. The message will be circulated to the membership.

7. SDSS Volunteer Program: Pres. Kim has spoken to SDSS and we are on the list for volunteers.

7A. Membership Awards: Lion Steve S. was presented with a Gold Centennial Award for growing our club by recruiting new Lions. Lions Roberta and Murray were awarded Diamond Centennial Awards for helping to grow our Club.

8. Round Table discussion: Lion Murray proudly announced that he and Cathy had recently become Great-Grandparents. Lion Kim asked for volunteers to arrange the June 3rd meal, but with no response, it was subsequently decided to have Chinese.

9. Good and Welfare: Nil report

TERMINATION/ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was terminated at 8:08 PM


May 25/26 June 1 June 8/9 June 12 June 16 July 1

July 20 Aug 3/4/5 Aug 18 Sept. 6 Sept. 12 Dec. 12

- Ladner May Days

- Delta Hospital Auxiliary Luncheon - Winskill Swim Meet

- Delta Management BBQ

- Father’s Day

- Canada Day

- Boundary Bay Airshow

- Sun Festival at Winskill (pancake breakfast on Monday) - Ladner Quilt and Car Show

- Southpointe Welcome Back

- Day at the Farm

- Pancake Breakfast at South Park

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UPDATED October 17, 2019