Board of Directors Meeting, March 18, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by Lion President Kim C. with 11 members present.


  1. CommunityDonations – Lion Roger discussed the issue of making a donation to the Little House Society. He suggested that the club could donate the sum of $2,500. After some discussion it was decided that this was probably a worthwhile cause but that the final decision should wait until after the presentation was made to the club at the

    General meeting.

  2. SDRC letter of support - Lion President Kim presented a draft of his proposed letter to LouiseLatremouille, withdrawing the club’s support for her project as it conflicted with the club’s plans vis-à-vis Grauer Park. It was approved.

  3. Nominating Committee – Lion Murray said that all positions were filled except the Membership Director.

  4. AGM & Bylaw amendments – Lion President Kim reminded the Board members that the April 1st meeting would include the AGM. He also discussed the possibility of making any By law changes. Lion Peter pointed out that these could be made at any time as long as at least 2 weeks notice was given of the change and the requirement to have a Special Resolution to pass that the change. This would require a 2/3 majority of those members present voting in favour to pass.

  5. DinnerScheduling – Tabled to the General meeting

  6. SDSS/DSSBursary - Lion President Kim raised the issue of the annual Bursary to SDSS and the idea that the club would explore either sharing the Bursary with DSS or granting a separate Bursary to DSS. It was pointed out that North Delta Lions focused their tree chipping event on providing a Bursary to DSS and also that it had been previously decided to stop providing the Bursary as it was getting increasingly difficult to find students who were willing to apply. A letter will be drafted and sent to SDSS explaining this decision.

    Meeting terminated at 6:50pm


March 18th, 2019

Call to order – 6:30 PM Changes/additions to agenda Previous Minutes


  1. CommunityDonations

  2. SDRC letter of Support

  3. NominatingCommittee

  4. AGM, Bylaw amendments

  5. Dinner Scheduling

  6. SDSS/DSSBursary

T ermination


UPDATED October 17, 2019