June 3, 2019

The meeting was called to order by Lion President Kim C. at 7:00 PM. 23 members and 2 guests were present. The guests were Janie Fulton, a prospective member, and Alison Howard, President of Delta Life Skills


Delta Life Skills was formed in 1985 to provide summer camps for special needs children. It became a registered society in the 1990’s. For special needs children Life skills can take a very long time to learn and the long gap of the summer holidays often meant that those children forgot the skills they had learned. The camps were designed to provide an environment where the children could not only have fun but also continue to practise their life skills. It supports between 30 and 50 children from the City of Delta. If there is space, children of other communities can attend. Support for the children is provided on a 1 to 1 basis. The budget for the organisation is $200,000-$250,000 per annum. 25% of this is raised from the camp fees, a further 20% is raised by the parents’ efforts and the remaining 55% is raised from the community. The organisation receives some gaming money and $15,000 from the Provincial Government, although this last amount is done on a year by year basis with no guarantee of continuity. 


PREVIOUS MINUTES: Lion Peter T. moved that the minutes of May 20, 2019 be accepted as circulated, seconded by Lion Ron G., carried.

CORRESPONDENCE: A funding request was received and passed on to Lion Roger L. and a cheque was received from Mario’s restaurant for Canada Day.


1) Financial Report: Moved by Lion Harry S., seconded by Lion Lew P. that the financial report be accepted as published and circulated. Carried

2) Lion’s Bio: Lion Roberta gave a very amusing and informative look at her history.

3) Spending Authorities - $500 Threshold: Lion President Kim discussed the process the club has of granting donations and said that the write-up of the process would be put on the web site in the members only area. He then discussed the issue of the Board having the ability to respond to urgent requests:

Moved by Lion President Kim C. that the TBBL give the Board of Directors the authority to donate funds up to and including $500.00. The authority will read: The Board of Directors may, at their discretion, authorize donations up to and including five hundred dollars ($500.00) under the following conditions:

  • The request is of an urgent nature; 

  • Not more than two requests at any one time; 

  • Requests shall not be duplicated to exceed the $500.00 limit;

This authorization shall be reviewed by the Board and voted on by the membership annually at a meeting in October. The motion was seconded by Lion Brian E. and carried

4) Community Donations Committee:

a) Moved by Lion Roger L., seconded by Lion Bill W. that the club donate $500 to 828 Hurricane Squadron Air Cadets. Carried

b) Moved by Lion Roger L., seconded by Lion Ron G. that the club donate $2,500 to Diabetes Canada for campership, contingent on there being a South Delta participant. Carried

c) Moved by Lion Roger L., seconded by Lion Rick M. that the club donate $1,000 to Delta Gymnastics (from activity account). Carried

d) Moved by Lion Roger L. that the club donate $2,000 to Down Syndrome Resource Foundation (Note: Golf Tournament cancelled due to death of firefighter but support still needed for South Delta children) contingent on efficiency report of greater than 75%. The motion was tabled until the next meeting so that the financial data could be obtained

e) Moved by Lion Roger L., seconded by Lion David S. that the club donate $2,500 to Delta Life Skills Society. Carried

5) Canada Day: Lion Peter H. reported that everything was still on track.

6) Grauer Park Project: Lion Alan C. referred to the photo that he had emailed the members showing the work on the path. He is looking for members to help on Tuesday evening for work on the edges and sanding the poles. It is still anticipated that the opening ceremony will be on June 22nd or 23rd .

7) Mobile Kitchen: Lion Steve S. described the events that had happened in the past 2-3 weeks and the upcoming events with particular emphasis on the Winskill Swim Meet this weekend which is a very large event and starts at 6am. He then discussed the options that the club had for a 25ft square tent, owned by the club, that had not been used in some time and was unlikely to be used by the club in the future. He said that it could be used at the Sun Festival and/or could be sold.

8) North Delta Lions Request: Lion President Kim C. repeated the request of our assistance at Family Day in North Delta from the Club to help them with setting up their parade on June 23rd. Any member interested in participating should contact Kim..

9) Lion’s Bio: Lion Alan C. then gave an amusing and informative look at his history.

10) Round Table: Lion President Kim C. reported that Lion Rob Northcott had resigned due to pressure of work. Rob hoped he might be able to rejoin next year. Lion Beth’s birthday on June 2nd was celebrated by the members present. Lion Peter T. reported that he had delivered 509 pairs of eyeglasses for recycling.

11) Good and Welfare of Members. No report

TERMINATION: The meeting was terminated at 8:40 PM


UPDATED September 17, 2019