Regular Meeting Minutes
June 17, 2019

The meeting was called to order by Lion President Kim at 7:00PM. 21 members and 3 guests, Cathy Hastings, Connie Noe and Darlene Scott were present.

PREVIOUS MINUTES:  Moved by Lion Kim that the minutes of June 3rd be accepted as published on the website and via email, seconded by Lion Peter H. Carried.

CORRESPONDENCE: Cheques from Delta Management and from Port of Vancouver were passed to the respective committee chairs and on to the Treasurer.


1.  Financial Report: It was moved that the treasurer’s report be accepted published and circulated, seconded by Lion Ron G.  Carried.

2.  Community Donations Committee: Lion Roger moved that we donate $4,000 to the Fund of Faith, seconded by Lion Paul N. Carried. He also moved that we donate $2,500 to the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation, seconded by Lion Steve S.  Carried

3.  Lion’s Bio #1: President Kim gave a very amusing and informative look at his history.

4.  Grauer Park: Lion Allan C. reported that the grand opening of the park will be held on July 13th at 11:00 AM and is hoping to have a work party before then. He then brought up the idea that instead of the Pump Park (phase 3), that a small dog off-leash park might be a better use of the space so designated. A budget has been established at $40,000 and we would then only be responsible for $20,000. His motion to switch was seconded by Lion Rick M. Carried. The third item involves an application to the Gaming Commission for a Capital Grant of $45,000 for the 2nd phase (lighting). He then made a motion to move a further $15,000 to the reserve fund, bringing the total to $45,000, seconded by Lion Gary K. Carried. It was felt that by showing we have this money specified for the project that it would help in getting the Grant application approved.

5.   Canada Day: Lion Peter H. reported that all arrangements are on target and a sign-up sheet was circulated.

6.   Streetside Community Kitchen: Lion Steve S. reported that we had grossed over $11,000 in sales over 7 days’ of events and thanks all who volunteered to help. Net profits should be in the $6,000 range. He also mentioned that we have a new event on July 21st, the day after the Boundary Bay Air Show. (see the calendar below)

7. A lady in Point Roberts was looking for some volunteer labour to rebuild her "tiny-house" trailer. The membership agreed that that a project such as this was beyond the scope of our activities and President Kim said he would respond to her with this information. 

8.  Round Table discussion: Everyone congratulated Lion Harry for grilling the steaks tonight. Lion Rick was also congratulated for getting the strip loin and for cutting it into the steaks. Lion Kim presented Lion Greg S. with his 10 year chevron. Lion Paul mentioned that former Lion Larry Rosner had passed away last month and that there would be no service. Lion Allan commented that if anyone was interested, he and Eleanor would host a summer BBQ in their back yard. Lion Steve D. mentioned that he had been designated as the chief editor of our website and he also thanked Lions Roberta, Rick, Steve S. and Peter T. for substituting for him during the periods of his absence over the past year. He also advised the name of the Bursary winner at SDSS was Kiera Hansen-Bukata. 

9.  Good and Welfare of Members: Lion Murray advised that he saw Steve McQueen at the pool and she seems to being doing well but he talked to Linda McBratney and that Lion Terry is not doing very well. Murray is going to visit Terry on Wednesday.

TERMINATION/ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was terminated at 8:37 PM


July 1       -  Canada Day

July 20       -  Boundary Bay Airshow

July 21      -  Barbecue for South Delta Realtors at Diefenbaker Park

Aug 3/4/5   -  Sun Festival at Winskill (pancake breakfast on Monday)

Aug 18       -  Ladner Quilt and Car Show 

Sept. 6       -  Southpointe Welcome Back

Sept. 12     -  Day at the Farm 

Dec. 12      -  Pancake Breakfast at South Park  


UPDATED September 17, 2019