Jan 21/19 Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 8:10 PM by Lion President Kim C. with 8 members present. Prior to the meeting, DG Gord Graves addressed the Board with his congratulations for our continued good work on behalf of all Lions.


Community Donations Committee: As the SDSS Football and Rugby clubs provided their assistance at our Tree Chipping event over the Jan. 5/6 weekend, a motion was made by Lion Allan C. to donate $1,000 to each club. Seconded by Lion Gary K. Carried

A discussion on delays incurred in our process of CDC requests being approved at the board level, then taking two weeks to being brought forward to the membership was reviewed. It was decided that an attempt to speed up the process would take place by having Board meetings prior to the second regular meeting of each month, with the start time to be at approximately 6:30, in the upstairs area of the Cammidge House. The regular meeting (dessert and coffee only) would start after 7:00 PM

Grauer Park: The project will be entering its 2nd phase (Lighting) after the playground is finished this year. Lion Allan C. will provide an update to the regular meeting on Feb. 4th. After his update and with the concurrence of the general membership, Lion Allan will recommend that $10,000. be transferred to the Grauer Park Reserve Account as we will be required to spend up to $62,500 as our portion of the cost of the lighting. (balance to be matched by a partner or City of Delta).

Support for SDRC redevelopment proposal: The Club has been asked to have a representative on Louise Latremouille’s plans for the SDRC redevelopment. Pres. Kim has indicated he would be the rep. The letter of support which was sent in December is to be reviewed with the view of rescinding it as there does not appear to be any support for her plans by any other service club or the City of Delta.

Past Pres. Murray H. has agreed to be the Chair of the nominating committee for next year’s Board. Nominations will close by the end of March with the AGM to be eld in April.

The meeting was terminated at 9:20 PM


UPDATED October 17, 2019