Jan. 21/19 Regular Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Lion President Kim C. at 7:00PM.  20 members were present. Our guests, DG Gord Graves, Lion Patti Easterling, PDG Anne Huntley, ZC Malcolm Jones and Rob Northcott.

PREVIOUS MINUTES:  Moved by Lion Steve D. that the minutes of January 7th be accepted as published on the website and via email, seconded by Lion Ron G. Carried.

CORRESPONDENCE: A thank you letter from Delta Assist (Christmas Hampers) was circulated.


      1.  Financial Report: Lion Steve D. moved that the treasurer’s report be accepted as circulated, seconded by Lion Peter H. Carried

      2. Induction of new member: New Lion Rob Northcott was inducted into the membership. 

      3.  Address by District Governor, Gord Graves: DG Gord brought greetings from International Pres. Gudrun, whose motto this year is “Broad Horizons’. Her goal is to see women make up 50% of all Lions in 5 years. She is also looking to see more Leos (youth) join or start new clubs. DG Gord helped start the first Leo club in our district in Port Coquitlam, 5 years ago. He also stressed the importance of funding towards Camp Horizon in Birch Bay, not just for the attendees but also for their parents to go to camp. He mentioned that any member who is more than 90 days in dues arrears be suspended and will have to reapply for membership. Gord’s favourite charity is Lions Foundation Guide Dogs and he and Lion Patti E. circulated a fireman’s helmet, for donations. He ended his address by passing out Milestone Chevrons to Lions Roger L., Gary K., Bill W. and Murray H.    

      4.  Canada Day Coordinator: Pres. Kim circulated the Canada Day Coordinator’s duty sheet and asked the club if we were still in favour of putting on Canada Day this year. NOTE: As of January 23rd, Lion Peter Hay has stepped forward to take on the duties of Canada Day Coordinator, leading a team of four other members, Lions Marilyn E. , Chris H., Peter T. and Steve D.

     5. Good and Welfare: The memorial service for Walter Melnyk’s wife, Emma, has been set for Saturday, Feb. 2nd at the United Church in Tsawwassen. Lion Don M. is still ailing from pneumonia, and Lion Rick M. also has pneumonia.

TERMINATION/ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was terminated at 8:04 PM


March 15/16 – District 19H Spring Conference, Chilliwack


UPDATED January 24, 2019



Tsawwassen Boundary Bay Lions

The meeting was called to order by Lion President Kim Carswell at 7:00 pm.

26 members were present.

PREVIOUS MINUTES: Moved by Lion Steve Scott that the minutes of Jan. 21 be accepted as

published on the website and via email, seconded by Lion Roger Lasell. Carried

CORRESPONDENCE: letters for financial assistance received from Canadian Red Cross and Meals

on Wheels and passed on to the Community Donations Committee


1. Financial Report: Lion Harry Siempelkamp moved that the treasurer’s report be accepted as

circulated, seconded by Lion Rick Marks, Carried.

2. Nominating Committee: Lion President Kim Carswell reported that the committee of Lions

Murray Hastings, Gary Keller and Kim Carswell were actively recruiting the new executive and

will meet the week of Feb.11 to identify new candidates. Nominating meeting will be Apr. 1 and

elections, if required, will be held at the Annual General meeting on Apr. 15

3. Community Donations Committee: Lion Roger Lasell moved that the club donate $1000 to

the SDSS Rugby Club and $1000 to the SDSS Football Club for their assistance at the Tree

Chipping Event. Seconded by Lions Alan Calderwood. Carried.

Lions Allan Calderwood, Roger Lasell and Kim Carswell will organize a “Big Cheque”

presentation to the SDSS clubs.

CDC Chairman Roger Lasell asked the membership to consider individuals or groups that may

benefit from some financial assistance from the TBBL. They should contact Roger Lasell or

any member of the Donations Committee.

4. Canada Day Coordinator: Lion President Kim Carswell announced that Lion Peter Hay had

volunteered to head the committee., assisted by Lions Marilyn Elford, Steve Dane, Peter

Thesiger and Chris Heywood.

5. Grauer Park update: Lion Alan Calderwood gave a detailed report on this project from

inception until today. Details are available on the Lions website.

Lions Peter Thesiger and Steve Dane compiled a 7 page document from archived minutes of

all the discussions pertaining to the Grauer Park project. This document was emailed to all

members and is posted on the TBBL website under “Members only / Notices to Membership”

password TBBLmembers).

Lion Alan Calderwood moved that $10,000 be moved into the Grauer Park fund for the next

phase of this project, seconded by Lion David Smith. Carried. It should be noted that these

funds will be available to other projects should the need arise, and only be used for Grauer

Park upon further approval of the club members.

6. Good and Welfare of Members: Lion President Kim Carswell reported that Lion Gerry Hintz

had just passed away, after a length illness. He also commented on the service for Emma

Melnyk held on Saturday.

7. Round Table: Lion Allan Calderwood suggested that we should sponsor a member to attend

the District H Spring Conference on March 15/16 to represent the TBBL. This will be discussed

at the Board meeting on Feb. 19

TERMINATION/ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was terminated at 8:05 pm

CLUB CALENDAR: March 15/16 – District 19H Spring Conference - Chilliwack