Feb. 19/19 Board Meeting Minutes 

Meeting convened at 6:30 PM

1. 9 Board members present  - Lion president Kim, Gary Keller, Allan Calderwood, Marilyn Elford, Murray Hastings, David Smith, Roger Lasell, Rick Marks, Terry McBratney 

2. Community Donations  - Lion Roger Lasell presented a motion that the Meals on Wheels program for South Delta area is in need of money to support the program and carry on. It was presented by Roger that the program was definitely of value to the area as it provided meals to many people who are invalids or shut ins. There is a nominal fee charged to the users of the program. Meals are made at the Kinsmen Centre in Tsawwassen and delivered to those in need. All work is done on a volunteer basis and the only payment is for fuel costs for the volunteers delivering the food. 

Motion : that we donate $3000 to Meals on Wheels program - moved Roger Lasell, seconded Gary Keller - carried and passed unanimously by those in attendance . 

3. Annual Lions Spring Conference - March 15,16 to be held in Chilliwack. The club will sponsor and pay for a TBBL member and spouse (partner) to attend the Annual Spring Conference. It will support the delegates by paying fullfees and accommodation plus a mileage allowance to the conference and return. The total of all activities and meals plus accommodation will come to $554.00. Looking for two club delegates to attend and carry the voting privileges of the club. Each club gets two votes. Motion: by Lion President Kim that we sponsor and pay for a TBBL member and spouse (partner) to the Spring Conference, seconded Allan Calderwood. Motion is passed. No volunteers at this time. Will bring forward to regular meeting to follow to see if there is anyone willing to attend. 

4. Nomination Committee - Lion past presidents Murray Hastings and Gary Keller taking nominations for board member positions for 2019 /2020 year. Nomination meeting to follow in April for our AGM. 

5 . Letter to redevelop SDRC. It was suggested that we relook at our support for the redevelopment of the South Delta Recreation centre . It was mentioned that writing a letter of support might be considered that we are behind the project on a Financial basis. It was mentioned that the city of Delta had other more urgent projects that will come well before that one, such as the redevelopment of Winskill . It also was pointed out by Lion Marilyn that we are currently involved up to our elbows in the next two phases of Grauer Park and can not see us residing any money for her project . Reworking our letter of support for her project and will re submit to her . 

6 . Round table discussion of any items that we think are important : 

A. Early Board meetings to be continued - length to be determined relative to the length of the agenda items to be covered. For now they start at 6:30pm. 

B  Repair of Carlot Vehicle  - the carlot vehicle has had a number of issues wrong with it for a few months now. Lions Murray and Don have spent countless hours chasing down the problem of the vehicle not starting. They have spent hours tracing the circuitry to determine why the battery keeps going dead. Replacement of battery done and some of the circuits that could be drawing off the charge have been disabled. No need to plug the plug in to the battery charger under the hood during its hours of operation at the lot each Sunday. Still the vehicle is not starting well. Have been using ether to spray into the intake to aid in starting. It is estimated that the cost of repairs to the glow plug system would be around $850. It was moved that we spend the money to get it fixed properly. We have almost $1900 in our carlot budget for repairs etc that are needed plus a contingency  of another $2000 if needed. Agreed we get it fixed. Lion Don and Murray to look into appropriate repairs at a repair shop that Lion Roger knows of. 

C. It was also stated that we need to purchase a new hot water bath for the Streetside Community Kitchen as the one that we currently have is not keeping the delivery of our food products properly up to required temperature. Need one that has a new lid to fit over the bath keeping the heat in. Apparently new large lids can not be purchased so it was recommended that we get one that has separate lids for each of the divided sections. Such a unit can be purchased from a supplier that Darren the owner of Mario’s kitchen uses. Recommend that the kitchen committee look into purchasing a new unit before we start our food season. Costs of such a unit to fit our working space would cost us  between $175 and $275. President Kim to talk to Steve Scott to order and purchase such unit. 

D. Car lot dates of operation to be revisited in September 2019 with the view of whether we change our dates of operation for the year. Factors of poor weather and drop in participation over the winter have to be considered to whether we stay open during months of January / February even .

Board meeting adjourned at 6:55 pm and board members went to attend regular scheduled meeting. 

Rick Marks Acting Secretary


UPDATED October 17, 2019