Duties of MD19, District, Zone and Club Officers:


Council Chairperson:

Chairs the three Council Meetings held each year at the Fall Forum, the Winter Council Meeting and at the Annual Convention.  Appoints  MD19 Committee Chairpersons and members for his/her year in office.  The selections must receive final approval of the Council of Governors.  Chairs the General  Plenary Sessions at the Fall Forum and Annual Convention.


MD 19 Office

The purpose of the MD 19 Office is to serve as the central administrative point for Multiple District 19.  It exists to provide service to the multiple district/district/zone/club officers and the Lion, Lioness and Leo members of MD19.  It maintains the membership and financial records for each district and MD19. The MD 19 Office is the networking link of the Multiple District. Under the MD19 Constitution & Bylaws, the office plans the two major MD19 conventions each year, prepares and mails bulletins to all clubs, publishes an MD19 Roster which is mailed to each club, and publishes the Contest and Awards Booklet.  It is also responsible for overseeing mailings for, and the organization of, Council Meetings.


District Governor

The District Governor is the official Lions Clubs International representative within the District and as such visits each of his/her clubs at least once during his/her term of office.   He/she sends a monthly newsletter to each club within the District to share vital information about the District. Each year the Governor hosts a District Spring Conference, working with the Conference Chair to insure that all processes are in place for voting, panels, Contest & Awards and a Memorial Service giving the Lions, Lioness and Leos the opportunity for fun, fellowship and learning.


Vice District Governor

The Vice District Governor assists the District Governor.  He/she works with weak clubs, following up on problems within the clubs as well as filling the role as Facilitator of the District’s Leadership, Extension, Membership / Public Relations, Team (LEMPR).


Zone Chairperson

The Zone Chair is the liaison between the District Governor and the clubs within the Zone. He/She closely associates with the clubs and holds three Zone Meetings to provide an opportunity for the clubs to share ideas and information.  The Zone Chair produces a monthly newsletter to keep his/her clubs informed. He/She visits each club within the Zone prior to the District Governor’s visit to inform the clubs of protocol required for the District Governor’s visit and accompanies the District Governor on his/her official visit.


Club President

He / She is the Chief Executive Officer of the club and chairs all regular and board meetings. With the assistance of the Board of Directors, appoints committees. The Club President is an active, voting member of the Zone Advisory Committee in which his/her club is located. The Club President should be familiar with standard parliamentary procedures and be able to conduct a meeting according to these procedures. The Leader who inspires and motivates.


Immediate Past President

Assists the President in any way possible without infringing on the position of President. He/she should be available to offer advice and support to the President when asked.


Vice President

A President in Training who is available to step in to conduct a meeting if the President is unable to perform this duty. Vice President oversees selected Committees.  



He/she keeps all records pertaining to the operation of the club, the status of the members. Submit required membership and activities reports to MD19, Lions Clubs International, the District Governor, Vice District Governor, and Zone Chair.  The Secretary is responsible for all club correspondence and should act on instructions from the Board of Directors.  The Secretary is responsible (unless a Lion has been appointed to this task) for ordering all club supplies. The Secretary or Treasurer is responsible for issuing statements to members for dues and any other items due the club.   The Club Secretary, together with the club president, is an active, voting member of the Zone Advisory Committee.



The Treasurer is the banker for the club and is responsible for the distribution of any funds within the club.   He/she is required to set up accounts as directed by the Board of Directors and to insure regular financial reports are available to the Board of Directors and members of the club. At the direction of the Board of Directors, the Treasurer pays all bills. The Treasurer shall insure that any checks issued by the club are properly recorded.  He/she may be asked to collect the money for meals at each meeting.


Lion Tamer

The Lion Tamer is the caretaker of the club’s paraphernalia and is responsible for having all equipment in place before the meeting starts.  In some clubs the Lion Tamer is responsible to greet guests and supply a list of these visitors to the President before the meeting starts so they can be introduced properly.  


Tail Twister

The Tail Twister creates fun at the regular club by playing pranks, imposing fines (in good taste) for various reasons and running contests.  The funds raised can be used for any administration purpose the club decides. Some clubs rotate this responsibility monthly to make it more fun and interesting.



Assist the President in the formation of the policies and procedures of the club and insure that these are followed. Directors shall also oversee the various committees of the club and insure reports are submitted to the club on the status and progress of such committees.


UPDATED Aug. 17, 2018