April 1, 2019

The meeting was called to order by Lion President Kim C. at 7:00PM.  25 members were present. 

PREVIOUS MINUTES:  Moved by Lion Steve D. that the minutes of March 4th be accepted as published on the website and via email, seconded by Lion Peter T. Carried.

CORRESPONDENCE: Thank you notes from Cerebral Palsy and Meals on Wheels were circulated.

ADJOURNMENT: President Kim called for a short adjournment for the purpose of conducting the Annual General Meeting.


      1.  Financial Report: Lion Kim moved that the treasurer’s report be accepted as circulated, seconded by Lion Ron G. Carried

      2. Upcoming Events: Lion Paul N. circulated a sign-up sheet for the Sunnyside Plant Sale on Sat/Sun, April 27/28. It will be sent around again at the next meeting.

      3.  In Memory Banner: Lion Steve D. reported that he has asked MD19 to look into 2 decades worth of monthly membership reports (1980s/1990s) to see if there were any Club members who had passed away during those years. Lion Roger L. has suggested that all former TBBLions who have passed away be included in the Banner. This will be looked into in the months ahead.

4.  Grauer Park: Lion Allan reported that the contractor, Cedar Crest, is anticipating that the project is to be completed by mid-May and that the Grand Opening will be scheduled for either June 1st, 8th or 15th, whichever the City and the committee can agree on. Future work parties will be required to finish post sanding and to spread gravel. He also mentioned that N.W. Landscaping had donated some benches and that any corporate donation that is received over $5,000 will result in the donor’s name being recognized on the plaque.      

5.  SDSS Bursary: President Kim made a motion that we continue with the presentation of our $1,000. bursary to a qualified applicant from SDSS who is going into the ‘trades’ and is enrolled in a post secondary institution. Seconded by Lion Allan C. Carried

6.  Round Table discussion: Lion Marilyn advised that Rick Mark’s mother had passed away unexpectedly on March 29th and that Rick was spending as much time with his father as necessary. Lion Kim asked Beth to send a card on behalf of the club. Lion Peter H. reported that all was going well with Canada Day preparations and that the ‘music’ had been arranged for the day.       

7.  Good and Welfare: Lion Gary K. spotted Lion David M. last week and had a good talk with him asking if there was anything we as Lions could do for him. David indicated that everything seems to be taken care of but thanked us for the offer. Lion Paul N. said that former Lion, Larry Rosner has been in Delta Hospital since December 26th and was not in very good condition. He is in room 208. Lion Roger L. mentioned that the CDC would be looking into finding out what the community needs are.

TERMINATION/ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was terminated at 8:22 PM


Apr. 27/28  -  Plant Sale at Sunnyside Nurseries

May 4/5      -  OWL Open House


UPDATED October 17, 2019